A little while back you may recall I went to the launch night of B.Y.O.C. Soho and had a seriously good night. We were served up incredible food by James Cochran and a lovely man called Marvin made us cocktails all night long. Well, it’s happened again. B.Y.O.C. East has launched and it’s just as amazing as its Soho sister. 

On Wednesday evening I took one of my faves out for a hump day treat to celebrate the launch of east London’s coolest new venue. We were served up a menu of small bites created by the genius that is James Cochran, were inundated with bespoke cocktails made by my favourite B.Y.O.C. mixologist Marvin and a had the sort of evening that makes me appreciate London and the fact that I get invited to such amazing places. 

The main attraction at all the B.Y.O.C. bars is of course, the cocktails. If you don’t know the deal then let me explain. You bring a bottle of your chosen spirit and your own personal mixologist spends the evening serving you up all kinds of delights. And they really are delights. 

We wanted to give them a challenge so we brought a bottle of Aperol. I went from hating to loving there stuff pretty damn quickly. 

The cocktails may be the selling point but to me the food is the best part. Every single bit of it. We were presented with four simple dishes: 

East London Toastie 

What makes a Toastie from the East End? I’ll tell you. Eel. Smoked eel to be specific. Something that sounds gross but tastes great. Also something I ate FAR too much of. 

Crispy Cauliflower, Cucumber, Peanuts & Spiced Yoghurt.

If you know me or this blog at all then you’ll know Cauliflower is my thing. My favourite vegetable (when cooked right) and the thing that excites me most on a menu. If you read my last B.Y.O.C. post then you’ll also know the last time I ate James Cochran’s Cauliflower I claimed it was the best I ever had. This was just as good. I just don’t know how he does it.

Smoked Cod’s Roe, Seaweed Cracker, Radish.

Didnt sound hugely appealing to me but definitely tasted it. I was on a table with a vegan, a veggie, someone who didn’t eat fish and a mayo phobe. I ate the entire plate. All of it. Every single cracker. 

Jamaican Jerk Buttermilk Chicken, Pickled Scotch Bonnets, Corn Nuts, Coriander.

Jeez Louise. This was just delightful. All the best things; crispy, spicy, juicy, hot, tasty & oh so moorish. 

All in all this place is a hell of a lot of fun. Even if you’re not into cocktails you’ll leave drunk and happy. I couldn’t praise the place more highly. 

The highlight of my evening was probably the moment I was handed a Sunpat jar to drink my cocktail from, that was a real winner. 

£25 per person. 2 hours. Food not included. 

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