When you work in events and you go to events organised by other people, it’s hard not to critique where they’ve gone wrong and moan about what you would have done differently. I know it makes me sound like a prick but it’s often something I can’t help myself doing. Last night I went to an event that was absolutely perfect, it was organised better than I ever could have done myself and every single aspect made me smile.

Bee Berrie is is mastermind behind the Bee’s Bakery biscuit phenomenon and has been baking the best Jammy Dodgers in London since she gave up a career in science back in 2012. Bee has now branched out beyond just baking delicious little treats and is passing her skills onto the world with her amazing new book Bee’s Brilliant Biscuits. It’s no lie either, her biscuits are brilliant and I couldn’t recommend them more.

The book is adorable and the event was everything I could have imagined for what I’d been referring to all day as a ‘biscuit party’. The cocktails were delish, I’m not quite sure what they were but I know they involved prosecco and Kamm & Sons (which is a bit like gin but way better) – dream combo. We also got little biscuittini cocktails at the end of the night which were dreamy little creamy delights with a boozy amaretti biscuit swimming on the top. The biscuits were in abundance. Savoury poppy seed topped with cheese (the ultimate), gluten free lemon bunnies, giant Jammy Dodgers, chocolate and avocado fudge cookies, Joe’s Cold Brew Tea filled biscuit mugs (OMG), little peanut butter delights and much, much more. We made a giant biscuit mural, were treated to bespoke biscuit making AND even bashed the cookie piñata at the end of the night. 

The venue itself is what dreams are made of. Paper Mill Studios in Angel is the studio of all studios. The kitchen space makes me want to cry it’s so delightful and the marble surfaces and brick walls make it pretty much the most instagrammable place imaginable. 

Every single person we spoke to loved food, which made my evening ever so enjoyable as I had common ground with pretty much everyone in the room and Bee herself was such a sweetheart. You can email someone for years and never have a clue what they’re like as a person so it was lovely to put a face to a name and actually get to know what a babe she really is.

Buy the book, bake brilliant biscuits and invite me round for tea. Thank you. 


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