As a newly conformed mussel fan, I was really excited to receive an invitation to the Belgo Holborn reopening party this week. Aptly named #Belgopening, they pulled out all the stops to show off Belgo’s new and improved venue. It was my favourite kind of blogger bash, one where you’re seated at a table and the food comes to you. No hovering by the kitchen waiting for the canapés to come out and no excessive waste that I always feel the need to try and finish. There was also a LOT of booze.  

Pink Mojitos, Prosecco and ALLLLL the beer kept us more than happy throughout the evening – I was pretty wasted by the time I got home, hence why it’s taken me a little longer than usual to do this post. We tried a vast selection of Belgian beers that were all extremely girl friendly and appealing. Packaging and flavour are both very important to me when choosing a beer and the ones we tried at Belgo ticked all the boxes. The cute elephant beer was my fave and my matching tattoo made me ever so happy. 

A trio of starters got us going quite nicely; Cheesy Croquettes (possibly the best I’ve ever had), King Prawns in Garlic Butter & Smooth Brussels Pate with Delirium Jelly. Presented perfectly on a long white rectangular plate and all exteremely yummy. Our starters were swiftly followed by the star of the show, the mussels (or Moules if you’re Belgian). We got 2 types; Traditionelle (Cream, Garlic, White Wine & Celery – the clear winner) and Thai Green, which was nice but nowhere near as sensational as the Traditionelle. Moules Frites wouldn’t be Moules Frites without  Tripple Cooked Chips – dipped in the Traditionelle sauce, they blew my mind and confirmed that I’ve been an idiot my whole life avoiding this dish. Next we received Belgo’s take on Surf & Turf – little shot glasses of beef with asparagus and lobster cocktail – a dream. Dessert was Homemade Waffles, my least favourite thing but still enjoyable and shortly after they brought round wooden sticks the size of the room filled with Scnapps shots to get us all pissed. It worked and it was great. Well done again Belgo and huge shout outs to my girls at PR & Everything Inbetween for ALWAYS making it a good night. Looking forward to the next one… 



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