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As far as I’m aware, not much goes down in Aldgate East. It’s not somewhere I’ve been to many times or a place that you think of for a night out but it’s just a 15 minute walk from Liverpool Street station and this evening I discovered one of its gems. The Leman Street Tavern‘s menu of traditional English seasonal grub has won me over and I’m putting dates in my diary to go back for their Sunday Roast as we speak.

It’s got outdoor seating for those optimistic British summertime afternoons, a private dining room for special occasions, a huge bar area and heaps of comfy indoor seating. The decor is homely, there’s loads to look at and even on a Monday evening at 6pm the atmosphere was really enjoyable.

For a Monday pick me up we ordered cocktails and as usual I went for a Bloody Mary. It’s basically soup right? As a fussy customer when it comes to Bloody Mary’s I was very impressed with how perfect it was. They’d got it SO right.  Hannah’s Sloe Gin Sour was also very well received – she’s also hugely fussy when it comes to drinks but it was clear by the look on her face as she drank it that she was satisfied.

It’s health kick time (kind of) so we both ordered the Asparagus, beetroot, spinach and pomegranate salad. Although I’d probably have ordered that regardless of my diet, all four ingredients are weirdly irresistible to me and I was super impressed with how fresh and tasty the dish was. The perfect light starter and something I’ll definitely be recreating at home.

For mains we couldn’t decide between the Spring vegetable and avocado tartare with raspberry vinaigrette or the Roast aubergine, charred red peppers, goats curd and pine nuts with herb oil and apple balsamic. It didn’t matter though because after we’d spent ages deciding and settled on the aubergine, the manager brought us over an amuse-bouche of the tartare and we were able to enjoy both. Words can’t describe how delicate and delicious the tartare tasted and we were overjoyed we got to experience it. I know overjoyed seems like an exaggeration but we genuinely couldn’t have been happier when they arrived in front of us. We were dangerously close to licking the raspberry vingarette clean off our plates but managed to contain ourselves and maintain some decorum.

Our real main was equally incredible. I’m a sucker for anything involving an aubergine (no aubergine emoji inuendo intended) and as roasted aubergines go this was was up there with the best. So many mmmmmm noises were made whilst we devoured the dish and although I was drooling every time the waiter passed with portions of Beer battered cod and triple cooked chips or the Slow roasted shoulder of lamb, I still didn’t feel like I was missing out.

If I’d had my way I’d have ordered the Pineapple upside down cake with coconut sorbet and rum syrup for dessert but Hannah is phobic of most of those ingredients and there was no chance day three of the health kick was ending in me finishing the whole thing. We went for the  Triple chocolate and iced berry bomb (for the obligatory bomb video) and the Eton mess with champagne jelly. I’d never usually order Eton Mess but I did have a taste (more than a taste) and it was hard to deny how good it was. The chocolate bomb was rich as hell but amazing.

Super duper dinner, lovely service and a hidden gem of a venue. Highly recommended for food but I imagine it’s the perfect after work drinks or cosy date venue. If Aldgate East is your hangout (or even if it’s not) then put this on your list.

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Ok, so… New York City.

This has taken me a while to write due to the fact that my trip to NYC involved a hell of a lot more than the recommended three meals a day. I guess you could call it a gastronomic adventure and pretty much ALL we did was eat. We went from restaurant to restaurant and there wasn’t an hour that passed that we weren’t consuming calories. I’m going to briefly describe each and every morsel that passed my lips and give you some top tips for eating in New York City.

We stayed in Times Square, at a hotel called The Row – I recommend it if you’re visiting New York for the first time like I was but if I went back I’d definitely stay in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side. The hotel was really cool but Times Square is horrendous and I hope I never have to brave those gross tourist crowds ever again. The hotel was SUPER busy, waiting 10 minutes to get in the lift (elevator) was kind of annoying but the food in the hotels very own food court totally made up for this and all in all our stay was pretty great.

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Embarrassingly enough, the first thing we ate was a McDonald’s. After not eating meat for seven weeks I’d been craving Chicken Selects like you cannot believe. I’m that person that needs to try a McDonald’s in every foreign country I visit and couldn’t not do this in The Big Apple. It was a dream. You don’t need to see that though.

Eataly is an Italian food emporium on 5th Avenue.We were en route to dinner so didn’t get to eat there but it’s definitely worth a visit and I’ll be going back for courgette (zucchini) flowers on my next trip.

Burgers and Freakshakes at Black Tap in the Meatpacking District on our first evening totally blew my mind. 10/10 for both and well worth the queue. Bloody delightful. They also have a Soho venue which is supposedly equally amazing.

One of my favourite meals was brunch at Jacks Wife Freda. Every single thing down to every little detail was perfect. The sugar packets, the menus, the decor, the service and most importantly the food was brilliant. It’s one of the cutest places we visited and there’s nothing that kitsch  or adorable in London. I ordered a Fresh Lemonade, the Green Shakshuka (still not quite sure why it was green) with Toasted Cholla a side of Duck Bacon and Beet Hollandaise. This is a MUST do, it’s delightful. They also have two locations, both downtown and both adorable. We visited the Carmine Street restaurant but walked past the one on Lafayette and it looked just as gorgeous.

Friday was a good day for eating. After brunch we headed straight to the Dominique Ansel Bakery for S’mores on a stick and Cronuts. Unfortunately they ran out of Cronuts whilst we were queuing for them but the S’more stick well and truly made up for this. It’s a gooey marshmallow filled with choc chip ice cream and it’s next level. I was not expecting how fantastic it would be and I cannot wait until the bakery comes to London this summer.


After hours and hours or exploring the Lower East Side we were (kind of) hungry again so went for a late lunch at Black Seed Bagels. The bagels are crack. Instagrammable, delicious crack. Go there.

Friday night dinner was a light bite at Tacombi Fonda Nolita. Tacombi have four locations in New York with different menus at each restaurant – they’re all highly recommended and despite NYC’s reputation for bad Mexican food, the tacos are bloody amazing. Obviously after ALL the food from the day we weren’t up for a big meal so the gluten free tacos and Mexican corn were all we could manage. I had the Barbacoa and Crispy Fish tacos and would do pretty much anything to have these in my mouth again right now.

Snacking in New York is obviously heavenly. I’ve had reoccurring dreams for the last few years where I’m browsing American grocery store aisles and I was able to live out this dream every day in New York. I went IN on the Combos with pretty much a packet a day (definitely not keeping the doctor away whatsoever) and tried some really great crisps (chips) that we just don’t get in the UK.

Birthday brunch was at Flex Mussels on West 13th Street. Unfortunately for the first half an hour of our visit we were the only people in the restaurant so the vibe was pretty dead until it started to fill up a little bit towards the end of the meal. I’d put this down to the sunny weather and the fact that the restaurant is underground with just a little bit of shaded outside seating. We ordered the Everything Bagel Donuts to start. They are everything. Order them. The seasoning is salty and crunchy, they’re filled with creamy cream cheese and topped with yummy things. My Huevos Rancheros was slightly under seasoned and a bit of a let down though. As was my Bloody Mary – but I’m fussy. Kim ordered the ‘Messiest Sandwich In The World’ (or something along those lines) but she managed to stay pretty clean and seemed to enjoy it.

After brunch we sunbathed in Central Park and spent the afternoon walking the High Line; a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side – it’s a must do if you’re visiting New York and is the cutest day date location. We ate ice cream sandwiches from Melt to cool off from the heat and geared ourselves up for our next meal.

Birthday pizza and blush rosè at The Standard High Line was as premium as it gets. We nearly didn’t get a table because the place was absolutely swarming with New Yorks most elite crowd. With overpriced drinks, snooty service and average pizza you’d think we’d be let down but the decor and vibes at The Standard make up for everything else and with the whole place being an absolute marble mecca you can’t not sit with a smile on your face, people watching and enjoying the view. This is true bouji New York and I’m glad we witnessed it. 

Our hotels food market City Kitchen had seven cuisine options from around the world. Going with the whole ‘when in Rome’ mantra I decided on a quick Birthday Peanut Butter and Bacon burger from Whitmans before we headed to our room for pre drinks. This works, trust me. Kim got a stupidly large glazed donut from Dough, she was very pleased.


After our night out at Tropical (which was super fun) I ate a pretzel from one of the street food vendors outside our hotel. I don’t know why NYC rave about them because the one I got was so gross. Overly salty and gross.  Had me dehydrated and thirsty for the next 24 hours.

Bottomless brunch is the only thing to get me through a two day hangover so we got back on it at Pig & Khao on the Lower East Side before heading to Brooklyn for the day on the Sunday. The Southeast Asian inspired cuisine at Pig & Khao offers a variety of Thai and Filipino influences on the menu. Bottomless Mimosas in orange, lychee, mango and white peach were flowing and ensured I wasn’t hungover for long. Kim went for the Steak and Eggs and I had the  Bahn Xeo; a sizzling crepe with shrimp, bacon, bean sprouts and something called nuocchom. The food was good and the restaurant was packed. My glass was only empty a couple of times and they were very generous with the top ups – as you can see. Full to the brim, just how I like it.

Even though it was pouring with rain, we trekked through Prospect Park for an hour looking for Smorgasburg, ruining my trainers in the process. Due to the bad weather there really weren’t very many vendors at the outdoor street food market but we filled our already quite full bellies with Brunch On A Stick and the most insane chips (fries) ever. Both dishes were topped with with Parmesan and Truffle Oil – the greatest combination. We stayed drunk by sipping on the most humungous can of watermelon-rita Bud Light Lime and spent the afternoon exploring the streets of Brooklyn.

I’d been excited about Roberta’s pizza for months and was over the moon when we finally sat down (out of the cold and wet) and enjoyed two of the best pizzas we’ve ever eaten. This place has the coolest vibes and is a Brooklyn MUST GO for every single one of you reading this. I’m not even going to bother telling you what to have because every single thing on the menu looked divine. There’s a shop opposite called Friends that I highly recommend too- it’s super duper cool and had some really cute little bits. A bit like Urban Outfitters but much, much cooler.

Root & Bone was another highlight. We went for brunch on the Monday and I literally took a photo of every single thing inside (and outside) the restaurant. They serve up delicious, home-style Southern cooking and we were treated to some absolute winning dishes. The service was impeccable and the food was really, really nice. Brunch should never really be a three course affair but this one was and we weren’t complaining. They started us off with Grandma Daisy’s Angel Biscuits with honey roasted chicken jus and Drunken Devilled Eggs. Mains came in the form of Crispy Fried Chicken with Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Collard Greens and Grits. And dessert (not that we needed it) was Dirt Cake and Crumble. The desserts were the best thing about the meal and thats not something you usually hear me say.

Another highlight was the Momofoku Milk Bar. Do this. Trust me. Birthday Cake Truffles and Crack Pie are life. Plus the Lemonade tip jar made my day. There are six Milk Bar locations in NYC so you have no excuse not to go and get me truffles as a thank you for this gem.

We spent the afternoon in Williamsburg. Had drinks on the Wythe Hotel rooftop, explored the shops and had dinner at DuMont Burger. The DuMac n Cheese burger was banging and Williamsburg is my favourite place in New York. We went to a (not so) secret bar through the back of a laundromat called Sunshine – it was full of pinball machines and an odd mix of people but it was super cool and I can now tick ‘speakeasy’ off my list.

Our last lunch was at Bar Primi. We enjoyed three courses of Italian delights. Risotto Balls, Ricotta Toast, Spaghetti and THE BEST Hazelnut Gelato ever gave us all the energy we needed for jumping on the bouncy boob castle at the Museum Of Sex.

Still not hungry and unable to eat another thing, we strolled through Mad Square Eats and drooled over food that we couldn’t possibly fit in. This was our last day and I was saving the best until last with a pre flight afternoon snack at Raclette. We wondered around working up an appetite and then headed to the place I’d been dreaming about for weeks. Raclette cheese is warm, gooey and fucking delicious. They scrape it onto your plate at the table over spiced oven roasted potatoes, cornichon pickles, and cured meats. We went for a veggie option with cauliflower and had a ham and cheese toastie on the side. This was probably my favourite meal of the whole trip and if you’ve seen the video on my Instagram you’ll totally understand why. There is nothing better than melted cheese and that is a fact.

Our nights out in New York were brilliant. We went to the Ace Hotel, 1 Oak, The Park and of course Tropical. We ate late night pizza at Artichoke, rode round in yellow taxis and spent half an hour at an apartment party on the Lower East Side. Lounging in Central Park in the sunshine was one of my favourite moments, riding the subway felt like being in a movie and being treated like royalty for bring British never gets old.

New York is an incredible city and I cannot wait to take another trip there some time soon. If you’re visiting and want my full list (It’s nine pages long) then just email me – I’d be more than happy to share months of research. It was a shame I couldn’t visit all the places but hopefully one day I will…


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Celebrating my birthday this year has unintentionally become a month long ordeal and the meals just have not stopped. On Monday I visited Absurd Bird as a post birthday/post NYC treat with two foodie friends. I’d not heard of Absurd Bird before but after 3 minutes perusing the extremely satisfying menu online I was won over and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some finger lickin’ chicken.

The restaurant is on Commercial Street in Shoreditch and has really great vibes, neon signs and a cute cocktail bar downstairs. It wasn’t hugely busy but I recon after a few rave reviews and once word of mouth has spread it will be buzzing. That being said it was a Monday and it is fairly new so I’ll cut them some slack. 

The food was great. We shared most of it. Highlights were the Buffalo Chicken Wings, Spinach & Artichoke Dip and of course the gooey and delicious Sweet Potato Bake topped with marshmallows. You’d be a fool not to order those dishes because they absolutely killed it. 

The Dirty Buns were good; you get three little Japanese steamed buns with fried chicken, spicy mayo and pickle. Not the best buns I’ve ever eaten but the chicken is really juicy and tasty so they’re good. The Jalapeño Mac ‘n’ Cheese wasn’t salty or cheesy enough for me but I just dipped each forkful into the insanely yummy artichoke dip and it was a match made in gluttonous heaven. My dieting friend ordered the Brown Rice Salad & Big Momma’s Style Southern Smoked Chicken which obviously had nothing on our fried, cheesy variety but was tasty nonetheless and it’s good that a chicken shop can offer a healthy alternative. If only I had the willpower to order such dishes…

My one and only real complaint is the poor show in my glass of prosecco, it was literally a quarter full and that ain’t cool. I like it filled to the top and that’s non negotiable. Again let them off though because the food made me happy inside.

The dessert menu is SERIOUSLY impressive. It was a shame I’d gone so hard on the sweet potato bake and couldn’t handle any more sugar. I’m gutted I didn’t have room for the Dipsy Cake or Crack Pie as I’d ben dreaming about them all day. There is always of course next time though… 

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When you’re invited to dinner in a train station you’re not really sure what to expect right? I mean I wasn’t expecting much from a pub I’d never heard of, slap bang in the middle of St Pancras international. But I was so, so wrong to underestimate The Betjeman Arms and have nothing but praise for the place after a slap up three course meal this evening. 

With an incredible view of the stations high arched ceiling and an indoor terrace that overlooks the Eurostar terminal this is not just a place to down a pint whilst you wait for your train. The pub itself was packed with people, the terrace was buzzing with after work drinkers and the main restaurant was full of happy diners enjoying a menu of traditional British favourites. 

The food was excellent. I’d been pondering the menu all day but was totally thrown off by the incredible specials board. I started with a Warm Salad of Prawns, Avocado, Mango & Chilli with a Lobster Dressing from the specials menu. I’d order this if it was on the menu anywhere because those ingredients are right up my street but here it was executed perfectly. Presentation was bang on and the ingredients were fresh and delicious. I also had a bite of the Ham Hock and Parsley Croquettes with Piccalilli and Pea Shoots which was also a delightful dish. I was hugely tempted by the Boston Burger with Fried Pickles and Fries (also a special) because the burger is smothered in peanut butter. I KNOW. I managed to resist though and went for the veggie special which was a Feuilletee of Jerusalem Artichoke, Chestnut Mushroom, Endive & Cornish Bree. It was off the fucking chain. As was the  “Stargazy” Fish Pie,Tiger Prawn & Buttered Kale which was creamy and buttery and divine. 

Dessert did not disappoint by any means. It did the opposite in fact. We shared Chocolate Praline Layer Cake with Chantilly Cream and the Warm Apple Cumble with Vanilla Ice Cream. I can’t even. There are no words. Maybe I’m easily pleased but these dessert blew my mind. Simple and sensational.

Don’t underestimate The Betjeman Arms and find a reason to go eat there next time you’re in the Kings Cross area. A bonus if you’re waiting for a train but worth the trip even if you’re not.



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I first experienced The Palomar last summer at Taste Of London. I was sold from the moment I laid eyes on the neon pink sign and the business cards. ‘Branding on point’ comes to mind when I think of this cute little restaurant situated in the heart of Soho. 

The Palomar serves the food of modern day Jerusalem, influenced by the rich cultures of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant. The menu is original, exciting and off the chart tasty. Everything we ate was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. 

We nibbled on Parsnip Crisps with yoghurt & schug and the Kubaneh – a Yemeni pot baked bread served with tahini & grated tomatoes. The parsnip crisps were very salty and had quite an overpowering curried flavour but when teamed with the dips it worked perfectly. The bread was like a brioche and the tahini was undeniably the best I’ve ever had. 

To follow this we ordered the Beetroot Carpaccio with burnt goat’s cheese, hazelnut brittle, lentil tuile & pomegranate molasses vinaigrette, the Salmon Tartare with yoghurt, pomegranate, harissa & savoury Abadi cookie crumble and the Beef Tartare -Hand chopped rump steak, burnt aubergine cream, josperized tomato vinaigrette & toasted almonds. All three dishes were so beautifully presented and tasted divine. I’m still playing veggie so only had the beetroot dish (which was AMAZING) but everyone was raving about the salmon and beef. 

For my main I had the Polenta Jerusalem Style with asparagus, mushroom ragout, parmesan & truffle oil. The portion was tiny but it was so rich, creamy and insanely decadent that it really didn’t matter and I’d order it again in a flash. 

I tried the Shakshukit at Taste and was adamant someone ordered it last night because I couldn’t. The Deconstructed kebab with minced meat, yoghurt, tahini, “The 4 tops” & Yaeli’s pita is their signature dish and it a must have if you go. 

Sammy ordered the Octo-hummous – probably one of the stranger items on the menu. Sadly I didn’t get a photo but it did look great. There were a few ‘josperized’ items on the menu and this was one of them. Josperized octopus “steak” chickpea msabacha & cherry tomato confit. According to our very helpful and informative waiter, something becomes Josperized once cooked in a Josper oven – Josper was a guy, he created an oven, The Palomar has one. 

My Mum had the Butternut Squash Risotto with mangetout, pine nuts & parmesan labneh foam – this came presented in a tipped over bath tub style dish and well and truly wowed us all in presentation and flavour.

Dessert was Carrot Cake with raisins, coconut foam, butternut squash marmalade, walnut brittle & candied lime zest. The flavour was immense and the different textures gave it a whole new dimension. My photo came out blurry so you’ll just have to imagine what it looked like. 

I highly recommend The Palomar for special occasions but I was also quite envious of the people sat at the bar enjoyable a casual Monday night bite to eat. The atmosphere is amazing, service is great and food is impeccable. Such a dream. 


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As I’m sure you all already know, Brasil are hosting the Olympic games this summer and Cabana have gone all out with the lead up celebrations. Their Brazilian Barbecue menu is all you need to get you in the mood for Rio and the Caipirinha cocktails will make you feel like you’re already there. I was invited down to sample a very large selection of their menu and spent an evening gearing up for what is set to be a banger of a summer.

We were seated at our table, served bowls of ‘bottomless’ corn chips with ‘guaca-molho’ and there wasn’t a moment throughout the evening that I didn’t have an ice cold Caipirinha in hand. My kind of event on every level. I’ve been trying to eat out less recently and  I’m currently 6 weeks into a 7 week ‘meat free’ stint. I don’t want to outright say I’ve been vegetarian because that would be a lie, I’m too weak to say no to things like parmesan and gummy sweets but I’ve definitely tried my best. Saying no to buffalo wings last weekend was proof that I can do this so I wasn’t going to fail one week before the finish line. Cabana were very accommodating to this and although I hated myself for saying no to the ‘spicy malagueta chicken doughnuts’ I was appreciative of all the meat free options that they served us. 


The chargrilled halloumi with guava dip was a winner, as anything with cheese usually is. Guava dip though – REVELATION. 

The cheesy baked dough balls were banging and the whipped garlic butter put Pizza Express to shame.

These spicy malagueta chicken wraps looked great. I’m a big lettuce wrap fan and will most certainly be ordering these when I go back.

Like I said, chicken doughnuts. Probably not much more that needs to be said here…

This is what Cabana like to call their ‘crispy lula squid’, I like to refer to a part of the human anatomy as a Lula so I’m not sure how I feel about the name. I’m sadly not eating fish either ATM so gave this dish a miss but that malagueta dip was the BOMB.

After all the nibbley bits came the MEAT. By this point I could barely move I was so full and it wasn’t even a struggle to resist but I did try barbecued pineapple and it was without a doubt the best thing I ate all night. I’ll be making my Dad barbecue pineapple for years to come and I thank Cabana for bringing it into my life. Who needs meat when you have meaty fruit? I KNOW RIGHT.

As well as all of the meat we were brought over sweet potato and cassava fries, a little salad with (more) halloumi, quinoa, avocado, squash and mango dressing plus a tomato & ‘palm-hearts’ side salad so I felt fully catered for and did not by any means go hungry. In fact I could barely navigate myself out the restaurant I was so stuffed after all this food. 
  No meal is complete without dessert, no matter how full you are and this was an absolute treat. The chocolate raindrop doughnuts with Nutella were what we’d been waiting for all night and most certainly didn’t disappoint. You can always count on Nutella to end the night well. 

We were sent home with bottles of hot sauce and Cabana Bucks for our next trip. A perfect end to a delicious alcohol infused feast. I’ll see you soon Cabana baby.. 

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I spent the weekend in Brighton and well and truly fell in love with the place. I was constantly charging my phone because there were just too many beautiful things to take pictures of. We stayed in the most incredible Air bnb I’ve ever come across and had the most ideal weekend frollicing on the beach eating salty chips. I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll go back soon to explore the place properly, there are so many things I didn’t get to see or do (mainly I mean eat) and I can’t wait for the sun to start shining properly so I have an excuse to go back. 


We had afternoon tea at Metro Deco & Lunch at The Crab Claw on the beach. Plus lots and lots and lots of chips. I’d go back for the chips alone… Email me on for details on the house we stayed in!  



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When you work in events and you go to events organised by other people, it’s hard not to critique where they’ve gone wrong and moan about what you would have done differently. I know it makes me sound like a prick but it’s often something I can’t help myself doing. Last night I went to an event that was absolutely perfect, it was organised better than I ever could have done myself and every single aspect made me smile.

Bee Berrie is is mastermind behind the Bee’s Bakery biscuit phenomenon and has been baking the best Jammy Dodgers in London since she gave up a career in science back in 2012. Bee has now branched out beyond just baking delicious little treats and is passing her skills onto the world with her amazing new book Bee’s Brilliant Biscuits. It’s no lie either, her biscuits are brilliant and I couldn’t recommend them more.

The book is adorable and the event was everything I could have imagined for what I’d been referring to all day as a ‘biscuit party’. The cocktails were delish, I’m not quite sure what they were but I know they involved prosecco and Kamm & Sons (which is a bit like gin but way better) – dream combo. We also got little biscuittini cocktails at the end of the night which were dreamy little creamy delights with a boozy amaretti biscuit swimming on the top. The biscuits were in abundance. Savoury poppy seed topped with cheese (the ultimate), gluten free lemon bunnies, giant Jammy Dodgers, chocolate and avocado fudge cookies, Joe’s Cold Brew Tea filled biscuit mugs (OMG), little peanut butter delights and much, much more. We made a giant biscuit mural, were treated to bespoke biscuit making AND even bashed the cookie piñata at the end of the night. 

The venue itself is what dreams are made of. Paper Mill Studios in Angel is the studio of all studios. The kitchen space makes me want to cry it’s so delightful and the marble surfaces and brick walls make it pretty much the most instagrammable place imaginable. 

Every single person we spoke to loved food, which made my evening ever so enjoyable as I had common ground with pretty much everyone in the room and Bee herself was such a sweetheart. You can email someone for years and never have a clue what they’re like as a person so it was lovely to put a face to a name and actually get to know what a babe she really is.

Buy the book, bake brilliant biscuits and invite me round for tea. Thank you. 


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I like a bottle of beer. It’s rare I’ll drink a beer in any other form than the bottled variety so I was delighted to receive a box of Bedlam Brewery craft beers a couple of weeks ago. It’s taken me a while to get round to trying them all but I highly recommended them. They taste good and they look pretty. Goals.  

Pilsner. Classic Pilsner lager with citrusy aroma & refreshing flavour. My favourite and perfect for pre drinks. Kimmy has teamed it with matching Whistles trousers & Topshop lipstick.


Porter. Pale, Crystal, Brown and Chocolate malts blended with fresh Fuggles and Goldings hops. Perfect for parties. 

Golden Ale. Bold, refreshing flavour. Natural, rich, golden colour. Perfect for summer.

Benchmark. An amber coloured Ale with refreshing bitterness and sweet, fruity notes. Nice and rich with a hint of chocolate and malted flavours. Perfect to share with your mates. 

India Pale Ale. With a full, rich flavour and amber colour this beer has a great balance and wonderful full aroma. Not necessarily perfect with rainbow bagels but it looks pretty great. 

Can you tell I enjoy colour coordination?

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I’m currently sat horizontal across the back of a (party) bus on the way home from Sugar Dumplin in Camberley. I know – it’s a long way away but fuck it, Wednesday’s the new Thursday and it’s worth it. I’m here because my favourite galdem at my favourite PR company invited me for a night of rum cocktails and jerk chicken at Camberley’s hottest Caribbean joint and I’m not one to turn down such luxuries. 

We were picked up from London Bridge and taken all the way there in a UV lit party bus. We played party games, drank Wray & Nephews from plastic cups and eagerly awaited the feast that was being prepared for us at the Caribbean BBQ & Bar at The Atrium in Camberley. 

When we were arrived we were seated and treated to pretty much everything on the menu. All of which was an absolute dream. They started us off with Jerk King Prawns, Bajan Salt Fish & Salt Cod Fish Cakes and Sticky BBQ Ribs. Followed by soft and doughy Dumplings, tender and juicy Jerk Chicken, Guyanese Curry, Curry Goat – off the bone which is always a treat, Roti Bread, Rice n Peas, Plantain and literally allllllll the cockails; including the Bob Marley that nearly burnt my mouth off (flaming passion fruit) and the Rum Punch that got us suitably pissed and sleepy for the hour long journey home. Which brings me to now. 

The service was great, decor on pojnt and food yummy. Enjoy the photos guys. And sleep tight, I know I definitely will.

Thanks to Norris for the food and for looking after us all – you were a highlight. 

P.S. Apparently my steel drum skills are on point 

P.P.S Glasgow crew there’s a Sugar Dumplin in Princess Square too.