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Dishoom is one of those places that has been on my list for all of time but just never seemed to happen for me. There have been numerous occasions that I’ve nearly gone and then for whatever reason it hasn’t happened and like most good things in life, the more you can’t have it – the more you want it. So you can imagine my delight when the invitation for the soft launch of Dishoom Carnaby entered my inbox. I was of course over the moon and riddled with excitement and couldn’t wait to sink my teet into what I’ve been told time and time again is Londons best curry. 

Im pretty basic when it comes to a curry. Chicken tikka masala, a good old chicken korma or, if I’m feeling particularly exotic a lamb rogan josh; so obviously the menu at Dishoom was one that I wasn’t hugely familiar with. That being said, every single item on it sounded sensational and in a group of 4 (pretty non fussy diners) we shared a selection of Dishoom’s finest small plates, grills, ruby murrays and sides. 

We ordered a lot. Okra fries, calamari, prawn Koliwada and lamb samosas to start. Okra fries, or lady fingers as people like to call them – are my absolute favourite, these didn’t disappoint. The prawn Koliwada was sensational – probably the best out of all 4 small plates.   

For mains we had the chefs special, a sali boti; tender braised lamb in a rich gravy and crunchy crisp chip bits on top, the chicken ruby, gunpowder potatoes, a chicken tikka roll, Bombay prawns, and the paneer tikka. This was served with cheese naan, garlic naan, steamed rice, the house black daal and a roomali roti. Everything about this meal was delightful. The lamb curry was without a doubt the winner but honestly the entire feast was beyond anything I ever expected and I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to ordering plain old basic bitch chicken korma from a takeaway ever again.

Dishoom is one of those places you go to once and then continue to visit time and time again because it’s so bloody great. I’m salivating now at the thought… 




Sweet Treats

There’s not really much that needs to be said in this post. Other than the fact that La Di Da Sweet Treats have succeeded in creating the worlds most wonderful thing. 

The Chocolate Covered Cookie: A whole Oreo submerged in chocolate and chilled. Available to buy from the bakery counter at Selfridges as of today for £1.20 a pop. 
That is all. 



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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but Farringdon is slowly but surely making it’s way to the top of London’s restaurant scene. Last night I experienced dinner and cocktails (many, many cocktails) at Exmouth Market’s Italian Kitchen, Paesan. We were introduced to a selection of delicious hearty italian dishes and small plates with head chef Mattia and were treated to cocktail after cocktail all night long.

Highlights for me were the Toblerone cocktail (sexual creamy dream), Arancini balls with gorgonzola and pumpkin, hand cut pappardelle with braised rabbit and wild mushrooms, steak tagliata and the fritto misto (deep fried calamari and red mullet). Every morsel was delicious and I’d salivating at the thought right now.

Exmouth Market is full to the brim with cool little places to eat and drink so you’re spoilt for choice – I’d start at Paesan and work your way round. Thats exactly what I’m going to do…












I’m not the biggest of tea drinkers and there’s usually a slice of cake or a biscuit to dunk involved if I’m seen with a cuppa but I do love a party and I’m not one to turn down an invitation when it’s as impressive as the one I received for the T2 Regents Street launch event.

T2 isn’t your average tea shop and there’s far more to think about than Earl Grey and English breakfast. They specialise in some of the most imaginative and exciting loose leaf teas I’ve ever heard of and sell an abundance of beautiful tea pots and china to go with it. The launch event opened my eyes to Ice Tea cocktails, Tea infused canapés and the T2 way of life, which is something I’m now keen to know more about. T2 isn’t just a place to buy posh tea – it’s the creme de la creme of Britain’s favourite hot beverage and although it’s originally an Australian brand, it seems to be doing pretty bloody well over here.

If tea time if your favourite time of day then get yourself down to one of T2’s many London stores to see what all the fuss is about. I can’t promise you’ll get salted caramel brownies and gin cocktails but I can assure you you’ll be impressed.












Afternoon Tea, British

Scoff & Banter Tea Rooms recently opened on the first floor of the Radisson Blu hotel just off Oxford Street and I was amongst a lucky group of people that were invited to come and test out their prosecco afternoon tea.

Tuesday afternoons don’t really get much better than unlimited glasses of Bottega Gold and gourmet sandwiches. With a tea selection that would make the Mad Hatter go crazy and some of the most incredible canapés I’ve ever feasted on, Scoff & Banter is up there with one of the best afternoon tea’s I’ve had in a long time.

The Rock oysters, scallops, eggs Florentine, lamb chops and lobster bisque were just a few of the hot dishes we got to sample and being a savoury/starter fiend I was over the moon that the tea wasn’t just cakes and scones. Talking of scones though, my favourite were the Cheddar cheese variety and they went ever so well with selection of steak and venison sandwiches we ordered. The croque madam was a runny egg lovers dream come true and the sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream was an absolute winner.

With mint green and pale pink tea cups, gold polka dot tea pots and perfect champagne flutes I felt like I was in a fairytale and hope everyone gets to experience high tea like that at least once in their lives. Thank you for the invitation and for such a wonderful evening, it was truly magical and delicious and I can’t wait to come back and experience it again some time soon.




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If you’d told me a year ago Id be partying on Old Street stations roof top, in a site that used to house wheely bins Id probably have had trouble believing you. The Magic Roundabout is the latest Shoreditch venue to be seen at and last night I was lucky enough to experience it properly at the Appear Here summer party. 

Appear Here are changing the way businesses pop up all across the world and have definitely made their mark on london, especially Old Street station. Gone are the gloomy tube exits that stink of piss and in their place are popup venues such as American Eagle Outfitters and uber trendy juice bars. 

The Magic Roundabout is funnily enough situated slap bang above Old Street station and is the perfect setting for after work drinks as the sun goes down. With food trucks like Burger Bear and Prawnography you won’t go hungry and The Craft Cocktail Co bar will keep you happy all night. We feasted on crispy chicken wings slathered in Franks Hot Sauce, tempura vegetables with miso mayonaise, the juiciest cheeseburger sliders and fishy fries covered in a mystery prawn flavoured topping. The food was exceptional and the vibe was delightful. Thursday nights should always be that dreamy. Thanks Appear Here, you guys put on a laaaaavly party. 




If you’d asked me 48 hours ago what I ‘don’t eat’, the two things I’d have said would be mussels and bananas. If you asked me now I’d be lying if I said the same. I was invited to the launch of Belgo’s newest venue in Soho for an evening of moulès and beer and although neither things come very high on my list of desirable foods or beverages, who am I to turn down free food and drink two days before pay day.

Belgian food has never been something I’d think about when choosing a cuisine, its actually not even really been on my radar, but I can safely say its now ranking pretty high in the stakes after last nights delightful experience. I’ve actually been trying to make myself like mussels for a while now but after a few unsucessful tries and an awful experience with clams I’d kind of given up. I’m really pleased to report back that after my first ever visit to Belgo I’ve well and truly changed my view on those strange looking little fishes and now I actually quite like them.

Throughout the evening we were served a vast selection of beers and were taught why each one worked so well with what we were eating. I’ve never been too fussed about beer but can appreciate a good one when I’m served it. We started our evening with coconut beer served in coconuts which was an absolute winner for me. Obviously. Anything tropical and I’m totally sold. I then scoffed down one of the biggest, most delicious pickles of my life (it gave Mrs Elswood a run for her money) and nibbled on olives until it was time to get stuck in. We learnt about the history of Belgo and all about its 52 strong beer selection (the best in London apparently) before tucking in to Kimchi flavoured moulès which absolutely won me over from the first taste. I couldn’t quite get over how delicious they were and I ate so many that I made up for a life time of missing out on them over the years.

After swiftly converting to a mussels fan we feasted like kings on the most sensational lobster (Belgo Lobsterfest runs until the 31st August so get involved!) and washed it down with yet another perfectly paired beer. Lobster is one of those things that I enjoy far too much to eat like an acceptable human being and I definitely looked like I’d not eaten in weeks whilst trying to salvage the meaty flesh from the shell like a lunatic!

Once the fishy courses were over and I was well and truly covered in butter we were served sweet chilli roast chicken and an anti-pasti platter that would make your mouth water. I was smothering bread in baked Camembert, topping it with cured meats and then finishing it off with bits of the chicken. It was beyond naughty and ridiculously delicious. The beer that was paired with our chicken was served in a strange contraption that resulted in me pouring beer all over myself but it was delightful nonetheless.

The dessert was incredible. Chocolate cherry waffles and ice cream served with a selection of sugary shots and cherry beer. The night was beyond anything I could have ever wished for, has 100% converted me to mussels and I’d without a doubt recommend a trip to Belgo so you can try it all yourself. We even got beer bottles with our faces on, it really doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks to everyone who made it so special (you know who you are) big up yourselves.







Bill’s is one of those restaurants I’ve walked passed a thousand times but have never visited. It’s always busy and I’ve heard good things but I’ve just never had a reason to go. Their new summer menu has changed that though. Tonight I got to sample a few of the new dishes they’ve got on offer and I enjoyed every single bite. It took me a while to decide what to go for because the menu is extensive. It’s perfect if you’re eating in a big group or with fussy eaters. There’s something for everyone, even my fussy family would be satisfied.

We were HUNGRY so started with cocktails & nibbles; Crispy Crumbed Halloumi, Kale Crisps, Bill’s Green Garden & Amaretto Sours. 


Then we had our starters; Crab, Chilli & Prawn Cakes and Crispy Lemon Squid.


Followed by our mains, I had the Crunchy Kale Leaf Salad with Chicken, Chickpeas, Red Cabbage, Radish, Quinoa, Red Onions, Chargrilled Vegetables, Almond & Ginger Dressing, topped with Avocado, Toasted Sesame Seeds & Flaked Almonds. Chloe had the Pan Fried Seabass with Chunky Tomato, Avocado & Caper Salsa with a Crispy Spring Onion & Parsley Potato Rösti. We shared the Tenderstem Broccoli and washed it all down with a Raspberry & Rosehip Collins.


We finished with an Espresso Martini & the Treacle Tart with Honeycomb Ice cream and Caramel Sauce. Highly recommended and delicious.


We visited the Soho branch but there are Bill’s absolutely everywhere so you’ve got no excuse not to pop in and check it our for yourselves. The restaurant is really nicely decorated and they’ve got an amazing selection of treats that you can buy to take home with you; including Marc De Champagne Truffles – which are my favourite things EVER. All in all I give Bill’s a big thumbs up, thanks for having me guys! 


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So I’ve gone from never visiting Farringdon at all to visiting twice in one week. Last night was launch night for The Piano Works, just a stones throw away from Tuesday’s outing at Ninth Ward. The Piano Works’ concept is pretty simple; live music requested by the audience (on napkins), delicious food served either in or out of a brioche bun and insane cocktails that will make your mouth happy. I’ve never consumed so much brioche in one sitting before and it was bloody brilliant. My favourite was the soft shell crab, followed by the tuna steak and then the vegetarian burger but everything we ate was extremely satisfying. The atmosphere and venue itself is great and the live music gave the night an extra added element that was so much fun. It’s the perfect place for big celebratory meals or a night out with friends so make sure you put it on your lists for future outings. I recommend you plan your requests in advance though – on the spot song choices can be really difficult.  





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This week Ninth Ward opens in Farringdon and is offering up a selection of delectable New Orleans inspired treats. Dreamt up and hand built by three Yanks and a Brit, Ninth Ward is all about ‘interesting booze, wholesome grub and fun. I went down last night to sample what they’ve got on offer and was thoroughly impressed. I didn’t want to overdo it so ordered a Bloody Mary and the Burnt Courgettes. 
Contrary to their name the courgettes aren’t burnt, they are in fact part of the PERFECT courgette salad; consisting of roasted courgette ribbons, spring onions, avocado and pomegranate with lemon and olive oil dressing. It was sensational. I tasted the Cajun Sliced Steak as well which was zingy, fresh and delicious. I was really appealed by the Ward’s Whole Cajun Chicken cooked 5 ways (winged, rotisserie, fried, sliders and gumbo) but decided to resist. The plan right now is to be as healthy as possible until it’s not possible anymore. Wish me luck. The cocktails were delicious with a fiery Cajun kick and the decor and atmosphere is on point. They’ve got a cute little private dining room round the back and a vast selection of beers to choose from. I’ve only ever been to Farringdon on filthy nights out to Fabric but now I’ve discovered this little gem I’m sure I’ll be back pretty soon…  


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