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A Christmas menu doesn’t have to involve brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce to be festive, sometimes a few seasonal ingredients and some unusual combinations will do the trick. If you’re not into bacon and stuffing on everything from mid November basically up until the end of December (like me) then Busaba Eathai’s Bangkok Christmas menu may just be your thing. 

You get Thai Prawn Crackers with Sweet Chilli Dip to start, which for me is always a winner. (They’re the most moorish pre dinner nibble you could ever put in front of me and I’m always in serious danger of ruining my meal by stuffing myself to oblivion before the starters arrive.) Then you get to pick a starter and a main. There isn’t load to choose from but the choices are good. 

We shared Matchstick Chicken Wings and Northern Thai Chicken Laksa to start. The wings were dry – rather than in a sticky sauce – but still moist and tasty and the soup warmed us up good and proper. For mains we did half and half again. Grilled Mussaman Chicken and Black Pepper Venison Stir-Fry. The peanut sauce for the chicken was spiced with cinnamon, star anise and clementine – a nice nod to the festive season – and the chicken was covered in a really tasty dry rub. Our sweet potato fries were ever so slightly undercooked which was a shame but smothered in sauce it didn’t really matter. It didn’t matter about anything actually because the Venison Stir Fry was so bloody good. The oyster and garlic sauce was so insanely rich and scrumptious we had to ask for extra and the meat was tender to the point of perfection. 

Busaba is one of the only chain restaurants I fully endorse. I can’t say every single one I’ve eaten in always smashes it but generally they’re pretty damn good. Only thing that was missing from the festive menu was the calamari. It felt like such a waste being there and not having a portion; if you know then you know.  

Oh and you MUST have the Belini. 




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Today I spent my Sunday roaming around the Tobacco Docks sampling some of londons hottest dishes at Taste Of London’s festive edition. I pride myself in my eating abilities on days like today and certainly made the most of it.

We worked our way through delights like beef Shortrib, lamb Dhaansaak, salted caramel soft serve ice cream and many, many tiny shots of flavoured vodka. It was like a whirlwind of taste sensations and I’ve fallen in love with meat again after gorging on some of the most delicious beef I’ve ever come across.


Café Spice Namaste: Dhaansaak – Spiced Lamb in Lentils served with Cumin Rice. Tender, rich, delicious.

Tom’s Kitchen: Truffled Macaroni Cheese. Apple Glazed Pork Belly, Grain Mustard and Sage Mashed Potato. Pork crackling of absolute dreams.


Molé Taco Bar: Crispy Patatas Bravas with Chipotle Cream. Guacamole with Tortilla Chips. Beef Shortrib Taco, Pickled Red Onion and Black Bean Cream. So good it  deserves 2 pictures and so good I need it in my mouth again.


Pont St: Stilton Cheese Balls with Quince Jelly. Mezcal and Lime Cured Salmon with Whipped Avocado, Coriander and Chilli. Belgraves Bespoke Truffle Burger. Pretty sure the burger could make it into my top 3 but 2 bites weren’t enough to justify it. Beyond sensational.


Resealable canned water. With really good looking boys serving it. Pretty great.


Hix: Whipped De Beauvoir Smoked Salmon with Pickled Cucumber. Peruvian Gold Chocolate Mousse with Honeycomb. Insanely rich. Ever so slightly sent me over the edge but worth it nonetheless.


The Truscott Cellar: Colcannon with Ragstone Basil and the days winning dish Beef Cheek, Smoked Mash, Crispy Shallots. I can’t even. The beef was just beyond anything I’ve ever tasted. We cut through it with a spoon. Need I say more?


Nespresso Amaretto Latte. Sorted me right out.


Tredwells: Salted Caramel Soft Serve, Ginger Cake Crumble. Yes, yes, YES. Just yes. Gutted I was too full for anything else but yes.





Japanese, Ramen

In case you hadn’t noticed, It’s getting very cold and comfort food is everywhere. At times like this nothing beats a big bowl of steaming hot soup. Ramen to be precise.  On Saturday night we did girls night, but not like we know it with pre drinks and parties. We did it winter style, with ramen and starters. All of the starters. Tonkotsu in Hackney was the perfect place to settle down in for the evening and warm our freezing cold bones with delicious Japanese grub. 

We did Edamame, Crab Korroke, Salt & Sansho Pepper Squid, the king prawn & pork Okonomiyaki (which we weren’t too sure about) to start and Chilli Chicken Ramen for mains. We also smothered everything with their INCREDIBLE Eat The Bits Chilli Oil. Try it. Trust me.




London Restaurants

People often ask me what my favourite restaurant is. They ask me where to get the best burger, where’s good to go on dates, where they should have their birthday meal, where to go for lunch and where they should take their Mum for dinner when she visits London. I honestly get asked at LEAST one of these questions on a daily basis. This was why I started this blog in the first place, I thought it may help to cut out some of these conversations and save me some valuable time in my life. I was very wrong. Now I get these question 10 times more and occasionally even from people that I haven’t spoken to in years. Or from people I’ve never even met before. It may sound like I’m complaining but really I fucking love it. When people meet me it’s never long before we’re onto the topic of my favourite places in London to eat. So why not get it all down on paper (or virtual paper) for one  epic list of the BEST places to eat in London. In my opinion anyway. 

But remember, I haven’t tried them ALL (yet) so this is all subject to change and I assure you I’ll let you know if I find better…

Best burger: Patty & Bun

  • James Street / Liverpool Street / London Fields / Tokyo Nights 
  • Must Have: The Smokey Robinson or Ari Gold


Best pizza: Homeslice

  • Wells Street / Neal Street
  • Must Have: Salami, Rocket & Parmesan


Best Lobster Rolls: Smack Deli

  • Dean Street, Soho
  • Must Have: The Mexican


Best Mexican: DF Mexico

  • Old Truman Brewery / Tottenham Court Road
  • Must Have: Cup Of Corn, Guacamole & Chips


Best Brunch: Bluebird (for the setting)

  •  Kings Road, Chelsea
  • Must Have: Eggs Benedict  


    Best Afternoon Tea: Scoff & Banter

    • Great Russell Steet
    • Must Have: Steak Sandwich (I like a savoury tea)


        Best vegetarian: Ethos

        • Eastcastle Street

        Must Have: Scotch Egg / Miso Aubergine / Sweetcorn Fritters / Fried Haloumi (everything)  


          Best Japanese: Chotto Matte (Japanese/Peruvian otherwise knows as Nikkei cuisine)

          • Frith Street, Soho
          • Must Have: Sashimi 


              Best Street Food: The Frenchie

              • Real Food Market / Camden Lock / Broadway Market / Brick Lane (check the days) 
              • Must Have: Confit Duck Burger 


              Best Fried Chicken: Chick ‘n’ Sours

              • Kingsland Road, Dalston
              • Must Have: Pickled Watermelon Peanut & Coriander Salad / Szechuan Aubergine / Chicken Bun 


                    Best Italian: Theo Randall 

                    •  The Intercontinental, Park Lane
                    • Must Have: Fresh Sicillian Peach Sorbet with Baked White Peaches, Vanilla & Moscato  


                    Best Steak (on a budget): Flat Iron

                    • Beak Street, Denmark Street
                    • Must Have: The Steak Burger (if they have it)


                    Best Tapas: Salt Yard

                    • Goodge Street
                    • Must Have: Courgette Flowers Stuffed With Goats Cheese and Drizzled with Honey


                    Best Pub Grub: The Ship Tavern

                    • Gate Street, Holborn 
                    • Must Have: Beef Wellington 


                    Best Chinese: Chai Wu 

                    • Fifth Floor, Harrods
                    • Must have: Coconut Prawns with Special Rice

                     (Photo credit: Good Things Magazine)
                    Best Indian: Dishoom

                    • Carnaby Street, Kings Cross, Shoredirch, Covent Garden
                    • Must Have: Prawn Koliwada / Sali Boti (chefs special lamb curry at Carnaby) / Pineapple & Black Pepper Crumble


                    Best Sushi: Sticks & Sushi 

                    • Covent Garden, Wimbledon
                    • Must Have: Marinated Duck Breast in Rice Paper 
                    • Great even if you don’t like sushi


                    Top 3 Special Occasion Restaurants 

                    Bob Bob Richard

                    • Upper James Street, Soho
                    • Must Have: Baked Oysters and a Belini (and of course you must Press For Champagne)

                      (Photo credit @americastable)

                      Berners Tavern

                      • Berners Street
                      • Must Have: Macaroni Cheese, Braised Ox Cheek, Brioche & Bone Marrow Crumble 


                      Duck & Waffle 

                      • Heron Tower, Bishopsgate 
                      • Must Have: Duck & Waffle (obv)



                      Best Buffalo Wings: Meat Market 

                      • Tavistock Street, Covent Garden
                      • The Black Palace Burger is also well worth having 


                      Best Veggie Burger: Shake Shack Lil’ Shroom Burger

                      • Covent Garden / Stratford / Holborn (coming soon)
                      • Concrete (ice cream) is a dream


                      Best dessert: Flesh & Buns s’mores 

                      • Earlham Street, Covent Garden
                      • The food is sublime. The Crispy duck Oiishi Buns in particular. 


                      I’m still on the hunt for many more ‘best’s to add to the list, I’ve still not experienced Sketch for afternoon tea, Hotbox for brunch or been to Hawksmoor for a steak or Sunday roast. I’m yet to find my favourite Thai, the best ramen, the ultimate sandwich etc. I know they exist and I could probably tell you where, but I’ve got to experience these things for myself before I boast about them to you lot…


                      MELT ROOM.

                      Cheese Toasties

                      Cheese toasties for breakfast, lunch and dinner are totally a thing now. And if you head to Soho’s Melt Room then they can totally be a dessert thing too. I’ll start by telling you about the Nutella & Mascarpone toastie; I mean, I probably don’t need to tell you much because it speaks for itself really but holy fuck is it good. It’s all good really. I tried the  Classic when they did an office drop for us on Monday. Then I had both the Portobello Mushroom and the Pulled Pork Shoulder when I went for a ‘brunch meeting’ on Tuesday. Pretty naughty really but ever so enjoyable. Cheesy as fuck and very, very good. Winter body is coming along nicely…


                      PASTA REMOLI.

                      Italian, Pasta

                      I really, really, really like pasta. Like, really like it. It’s my ultimate, number one, indulgent treat food that I don’t actually eat that often. I envy those people that eat spaghetti bolognaise or penne pesto for lunch everyday and that think of a pasta bake as a weeknight essential. For some reason I regard pasta as the ultimate, gluttonous feast and when I eat it, I go in hard. All the carbs, ALL the cream and as much Parmesan as physically possible.

                      I got to satisfy all my needs tonight. Every single one of them. Pasta Remoli in Finsbury Park is the ultimate Italian, create your own pasta experience. It’s everything a carb fanatic could wish for and if you’re like me and like personalising your food then it’s absolutely bloody perfect.

                      You pick your pasta: Pappardelle, Ham & Parmesan Ravioli. You pick your sauce: Italian Pork Sausage Ragu, Cheesy. You pick your topping: Parmesan (every time). They also have specials, appetisers and desserts. It’s all great. We started with Duck Carpaccio and the Fried Mozarella Caprese. We won. We also had double desserts, because we could. I went for the Tiramisu with Disoronno Jelly and Pistachio Ice Cream and Kimmy had Lemon Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, washed down with Limoncello shots obv. 

                      It’s fun, good value, close to Finsbury Park station and they have an ‘AperiPasta’ party every Sunday with Aperol Spritz where you pay £12 for a drink and a pasta buffet fit for kings. I’m pretty sure it would be a lot of fun and well worth the visit. Yes Pasta Remoli, you’re into a very good thing. Thank you.  



                      BRIXTON BLOC.

                      Community Space, Pop Up

                      I’ve only ever been to Brixton a handful of times so I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a place I know too much about. Tonight I spent my evening discovering the history and culture behind what used to be Angell Town estate. This derelict space is currently housing Brixton Bloc, a pop-up ran by creative community space master mind Wesley Evans. Located next to Stockwell Skatepark and behind Brixton Cycles, Brixton Bloc is a place for local residents, artists and musicians to celebrate the culture of Brixton.

                      It’s a relatively new initiative that not enough people know about. I couldn’t help imagining what I’d do with the space if it were mine to play with. Essentially I decided on all day parties, never ending food stalls and trippy after parties in the phycadelic neon cave, created by a lovely lady called Nikki who was actually mid glow in the dark painting when we arrived.

                      They’ve got a big warm tent, life drawing classes, theatre productions, art, mulled cider and REALLY delicious barbecued meat provided by Smokin’ Lotus. We sampled slow smoked beef brisket sliders and succulent smoked pork ribs – both were cooked to perfection and wonderfully yummy. The menu is only small at the moment but they’re expanding soon and I’ll be going back to sample the rest later this month. 

                      If you’re local it’s definitely worth checking out and if you’re not local but you’re looking for somewhere out of the ordinary to hang out this winter then this may just be your cup of tea. 

                      They’re about to launch a Weekend Winter Market with a selection of great stalls and delicious food. Expect children’s stalls, face painting, ink marbling, a bakery, wine stall, craft sessions and much, much more. 

                      You can find Brixton Bloc at 143 Stockwell Road, just 3 minutes walk from Stockwell tube station. Check their website and social for information on upcoming events @brixtonbloc 




                      TOKYO NIGHTS.

                      Street Food

                      The people behind Night Tales have done it again. With their latest pop-up smashing life like every single other thing they’ve done, Tokyo Nights is everything you would want it to be and more. Patty & Bun, Nanny Bills, Bubbledogs, Walter & Monty, Happy Chicken and Dorshi Dumplings are on offer to satisfy your cravings and they do all do it oh so well. I’ll be going back soon to sample all the things I didn’t get to try last night but in the mean time please feast your eyes on these delights.

                      Nanny Bills started on the street food scene this summer with croquettes that will make your mouth water. They’ve started making sandwiches now and they have absolutely nailed it. I’ll be sampling each an every one of them over the next few visits and I’d recommend you do the exact same thing.

                      This dish from Happy Chicken  looks delightful but wasn’t actually mine so I didn’t even get to try it. Next time though…



                      Patty & Bun Confit Chicken Wings and Chips with Togarashi Salt. Next level wings.

                      Dorshi Dumplings. By this point I was too drunk to remember what we ordered but I can assure you it was bloody delicious.


                      HOMESLICE TAKE 2.


                      There are so many restaurants in London that I try my best not to revisit a place more than once. There are of course exceptions. Places that become my favourite and deserve numerous trips back in an attempt to taste the whole menu. Places that become regulars with certain friends and places that become special and are usually visited on special occasions. There are only a handful of these place in my life and I’ve just added another one to the list.

                      Homeslice has just knocked Pizza Union off the top spot (only slightly though and I still love you) and made its way to my number one pizza joint in London. I reviewed it only a week ago and had to go back for more. This time we went for a full 20 incher – half Salami, Rocket & Parmesan half Pumpkin, Brocolli, Pecorino & Crispy Onions. It was just another level delicious and I’ve got so much love for the place I’m already planning my third trip back.

                      It’s perfect for dates, great for a quick dinner with friends and if it was a tiny bit closer and I wasn’t worried about becoming the size of a house then I’d be  visiting for a slice on my lunch break rather regularly.



                      THE SHIP TAVERN.

                      British, Gastropub, London Pub

                      Tonight I experienced The Ship Tavern in Holborn and can safely say it’s a front runner for best pub grub I’ve ever had. They call themselves Holborn’s best kept secret and I definitely agree. I’m not sure why they needed to invite me along because they’re certainly not short of customers but they did and I am very grateful. Very, very grateful. 

                       I started with a Bloody Mary and was over the moon the see it came with a big fat pickle on top. Huge tick there. For my first course I had the Seared King Scallops with sea trout gravalax, garden pea purée & lemon which was absolutely divine. The flavours were delicate and the ingredients were fresh and delicious. For main course I couldn’t resist the Beef Wellington with truffle mash, curly kale and red wine jus. Every single thing about that sentence makes my mouth water and the food did not let me down. The beef was pink and juicy, the pastry was perfectly flaky, the patê was rich and creamy and the mushrooms were chunky and delicious. Truffle mash is the daddy of all mash in my eyes and kale with anything wins every single time. I’m actually getting emotional that I don’t have the plate of food in front of me right now. Sob.

                      My dinner guest and all round favourite person ever, Hannah Twist had the Crumbed & Deep Fried Brie with rocket leaves & cranberry sauce to start and the Caramelised French Onion & Goat’s Cheese Tart with grilled summer berries,
                      balsamic glaze & mixed leaves for main. A double cheese feast that surpassed all her wildest dreams. And mine – I obviously encouraged her choices so I could try both dishes.

                      For dessert we shared the dessert of ALL desserts. Peanut Butter & Jelly cheescake with Oreo cookie base. I know, I know – WHAT THE EFF. I’m not even going to tell you about this naughty little treat, you have to go and try it yourself. You’ll thank me for it.

                      Menu, ambiance, service, setting and obviously the food all get a 10/10. Don’t underestimate Londons pubs guys, you’ll regret it.